David Chika Amah-Nnachi

Junior Software Developer in Test, Full Stack Developer, IOS Apps Developer

About Me

Junior Software Developer in Test

A highly motivated and dependable individual with a strong work ethic and excellent communication skills. Eager to contribute to a team-oriented environment while delivering exceptional customer service. I am dedicated to continuous learning and personal growth.

Programming Languages:

C, C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, React JS, C#, Typescript, Swift


Illustrator, Lucid Charts, Bootstrap, Figma, Miro Boards

Operating Systems:

Windows, Linux

Version Control:

Github, BitBucket

Development Tools:

Visual Studio Code, Pycharm, CLion, Android Studio, MongoDB Atlas, Arduino IDE, RStudio, CockroachDB, Docker, ESLint, Xcode

Testing Tools:

Junit, ThunderClient, Selenium, Postman, SonarQube, Jenkins, Jira, Jest, Playwright


Agile, Scrum




My Experience

Software Developer in Test Intern

Global Relay (Vancouver, Canada) | Jan 2024 - April 2024

During my time at Global Relay, I was responsible for developing and executing comprehensive test plans to ensure the quality and performance of our software solutions. Among my responsibilities, I executed both narrowly focused and comprehensive broad test suites, carefully assessing the functionality and performance of the services. Additionally, I conducted regression testing following recent updates to verify the stability and compatibility of the system, thus demonstrating my commitment to delivering reliable and robust software products, I also reviewed my peer’s code to make sure everything was up to standard to be merged to the destination branch, I actively participated in Agile development processes, including standup meetings, retrospectives, and sprint planning sessions. Collaborating closely with my team, I contributed to the continuous improvement of our development practices, fostering an environment of innovation and efficiency.

Software Developer Intern

Cendamte (Vancouver, Canada) | Jan 2023 - Sep 2023

Proficient in coding in Java and Python. Developed and maintained software applications employing problem-solving abilities. Database management was handled using MySQL. Bugs were reported via Jira. API and conducted unit Junit and Postman are used for testing. Figma was used to create UI/UX wireframes. Participated in Agile team activities such as stand-ups and sprints. Planning, as well as retrospectives. Effectively collaborated with peers on GitHub. Task was reported to the lead developer for review.


My Education

Diploma of Computer Systems Data Communication and Internetworking

British Columbia Institue of Technology (Canada) | Jan 2021 - May 2023

BCIT’s Computer Systems Technology (CST) two-year diploma program combines computer systems theory with hands-on practical experience in software development. You’ll learn software engineering and programming from industry professionals, and gain experience working on real projects, from concept to deployment. In second year, specialty options add depth and further hone your skills.

Secondary School Certificate In Computer Science

Chrisland College (Nigeria) | September 2014 - May 2020

Chrisland College is a renowned educational institution located in Lagos, Nigeria. Founded in 1977, it offers co-educational programs from nursery to secondary levels, including both day and boarding facilities. With a strong commitment to academic excellence, the school follows the Nigerian curriculum, preparing students for national examinations. Alongside academics, Chrisland College places importance on extracurricular activities, fostering the holistic development of students in areas such as sports, music, drama, and debate. Recognized for producing well-rounded individuals, the school is known for its outstanding track record in both academic achievements and co-curricular pursuits.

















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